At CH Secure we believe hard working Australians can live their dream life on their terms in less than 10 years through smart property investment.

We invest in Australia’s best assets: Australian property; using the best available data while leveraging our 15 years experience as Australia's leading buyers agent. With our team as your guide, you can build your property portfolio step by step, unleashing your true financial potential. Your future begins here.

How it works

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Our process to secure your financial future

Step 1.


We begin by understanding your financial goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Our team works closely with you to create a personalised property investment plan that aligns with your unique needs.

Step 2.


With your tailored plan in hand we utilise Cohen Handler’s 15 years of property buying experience, backed by data and insights to find the right property, at the right price that matches your investment criteria.

Step 3.


Once you select a property we handle the entire property buying process and fight to get you the best possible deal in order to maximise your returns.

Step 4.


We’ll help you identify and appoint a property manager for your investment so you can rest assured you are getting the best possible rental returns and it is being maintained for the future.

Step 5.


We continue to support you on your investment journey, providing regular valuations on your property so when you’ve built enough equity and your financial plan says the time is right, you can leverage your portfolio and buy your next property. We then continue this process until you achieve your long term goal of securing your financial future.

Time to start your investment journey